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Trail Tested, Guide-Recommended Boundary Waters Canoes, Camping Gear, Supplies & Paddling Gifts from the Ely Outfitting Company Store

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Paddle North: Canoeing the Boundary Waters-Quetico Wilderness

Paddle North: Canoeing the Boundary Waters-Quetico Wilderness

Our friend, photographer Layne Kennedy, has just released a must-have Boundary Waters book. It's more than just a book of pretty pictures. It's a book of photos and essays that capture the essence of the Boundary Waters. The book is a work of art, and makes a great gift for anyone who loves the Boundary Waters.


Used Wenonah Ultralight Kevlar Canoes

We sell most of our canoes after a season or two. You get a great price on used canoes that are so nice we carry them in parades!


Here's a list of some models currently available for sale.


  • Used canoes will be available starting in September.  Please contact us if you would like to be notified when they become available, or if you would like to reserve one.

Trail Essentials

Guide-recommended gear for a fun canoe trip


Platypus Cleanstream Gravity Water Filter

Price: $119.95


Platypus Cleanstream Gravity Water FilterThis system has changed our trail lives! Don't let filtering drinking water on trail be a chore. This makes it an easy task. No chemical water treatment taste. Simple to use. Effective. Far superior to any other gravity system or pump system we've ever used. Ideal for the Boundary Waters, we use it on all of our guided camping trips.


Using revolutionary Hollow Fiber technology and a little physics, the CleanStream™ microfilter system treats 4 liters of water in less than 2.5 Dirty side - even before the Clean side is empty and you'll be automatically refilling as you go. A quick-disconnect fitting allows for easy removal and filling of the Dirty reservoir and back flushing for optimal performance is as easy as changing the height of the reservoirs. No moving parts, no assembly, near-zero effort. It's lightweight enough for two, and efficient enough for a whole group.



Sea to Summit 10 Liter Kitchen Sink

Sea to Summit 10 Liter Kitchen SinkPrice: $21.95


Soap contaminates our lakes. Be responsible and wash your dishes inland with these handy sinks.


Sea to Summit 10 liter sinks are great for collection and carrying of water for purification, cooking, washing dishes, personal bathing, and putting out your campfire.


They're ideal for canoe camping and they make a great gift for the outdoors person who has everything.


  • Unique design with stainless steel stiffening ring that prevents the sink from collapsing
    when full
  • Base is broader than top so it won't tip over in useFine to use with hot water and detergent
  • Fully taped seams
  • Wide webbing carry handles
  • Comes with its own handy storage pouch
  • The Kitchen Sink 10 Liter holds 2.6 Gallons/10 Liters 4.4 oz

Byer of Maine Traveller Lite Hammock

Price: $19.95


Made of extremely strong and durable parachute nylon, the Traveller Lite Hammock from Byer of Maine is pure camp comfort yet weighs only about 11 ounces and fits into a bag measuring 8 inches by 4 inches.


  • Material: extremely strong and durable parachute nylon
  • Fits into a bag measuring 8 inches by 4 inches
  • Perfect when packing space is tight
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Flat: 54" x 108"
  • Weight: 11 ounces

Adventure Medical Kit .9 Watertight

Price: $35.95

Adventure Medical Kit .9 Watertight

Be prepared for your wilderness experience. Challenge, Primal Quest and Raid Galoiuses. Designed for life in the bottom of a pack, zippered nylon pouch has two inner Aloksak® pouches to ensure contents are kept clean and dry.


Bandage Materials
5 Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, 1" x 3"
3 Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, Knuckle
1 Bandage, Conforming Gauze, 3"
1 Bandage, Elastic, Self Adhering, 2"
2 Bandage, Stockinette Tubular, 1" x 4"
2 Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 2" x 2", Pkg./2
3 Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 3" x 3", Pkg./2
2 Dressing, Non-Adherent, Sterile, 3" x 4"

1 Gloves, Nitrile (Pair), Hand Wipe
1 Trauma Pad, 5" x 9"

Blister / Burn
22 Moleskin, Pre-Cut & Shaped
Duct Tape
1 Duct Tape, 2" x 100"
3 Safety Pins
1 Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps
2 Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg)
6 Diamode (Loperamide HCI 2 mg), Pkg./1
4 Ibuprofen (200 mg), Pkg./2
2 Aloksak Waterproof Bag, 6" x 9"

Wound Care
6 After Cuts & Scrapes Anethestic/Antiseptic Wipe
1 Cotton Tip Applicator, Pkg./2
1 Syringe, Irrigation, 10 cc, 18 Gauge Tip
1 Tape, 1" x 10 Yards
1 Tincture of Benzoin Topical Adhesive, Vial
3 Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Single Use
1 Wound Closure Strips, 1/4" x 4", Pkg./10

Adventure Medical Kits reserves the right to add, substitute, or
delete items if necessary

• Wound irrigation system to clean and close wounds
• Medication for diarrhea, inflammation, allergic reactions, bee
stings and insect bites
• Trauma pad and compression bandage for bleeding
• Moleskin dressing for preventing and treating blisters
• Swift wrap elastic bandage with Velcro

Granite Gear Stuff Football

Price: $12.95


Granite Gear Stuff Football Fun and function.


The quarterback drops back into the pocket and lets a long bomb fly toward the endzone. The receiver puts on a burst of speed and touchdown! Just another Sunday in the backcountry. These cordura footballs with YKK zippers are fun camp toys and useful stuff bags all in one. When stuffed with any soft object (shirt, socks, bandanas, etc.) they become a great campsite diversion. Use it for touch football, catch, 500, or make up your own trail game.


As for function, these stuff footballs are great for tying to a bear rope and slinging it over high tree limbs in the Boundary Waters.


Weight: 1.3 oz | 38gr
Volume: 85 cubes | 1.4L

Granite Gear Stuffball

Price: $11.95


Granite Gear Stuffball

Fun and function.


These ultralight cordura balls with YKK zippers are fun camp toys and useful stuff bags all in one. When stuffed with any soft object (shirt, socks, bandanas, etc.) they become a great campsite diversion. Use it for stickball, hacky, catch, dodgeball, 500, or make up your own trail game. As for function, we like it most for for slinging bear ropes over high tree limbs in the Boundary Waters.


Weight: .8 oz | 24 gr
Volume: 25 cubes | .4L

Canoe Packs

Rugged, trail-tested, and guide recommended.


We sell the four primary canoe packs we use when outfitting BWCAW and Quetico canoe trips. They are rugged, trail-tested, and guide-recommended. All packs are new, unless listed as used.

Made in Ely, MN



Prepare for your adventure


Canoe Country Wildlife: A Field Guide to the North Woods and Boundary Waters


Canoe Country Wildlife: A Field Guide to the NorthWoods and Boundary Waters

By Sparky Stensaas
Price: $16.95


Warblers, wolves, and whirligig beetles – the creatures of the
canoe country come alive in Canoe Country Wildlife. In this read-
aloud-treasure, "Sparky" Stensaas, naturalist and storyteller,
intrigues readers with his tales of meeting the forest inhabitants –
from tiny toads to majestic moose. Each page describes these
creatures and their habits accurately so you'll know where and
when to look for them. Detailed line drawings illustrate each
animal clearly so you'll recognize what you're seeing. It's good
reading before, during, and after a trip through canoe country.


Canoe Country Flora: Plants and Trees of the North Woods and Boundary Waters


Canoe Country Flora: Plants and Trees of the North Woods and Boundary Waters

By Sparky Stensaas
Price: $16.95


"Sparky" Stensaas leads you into the vast North Woods –
introducing you to ninety-six of the most common trees, shrubs,
wildflowers, fungi, ferns, lichens, and other plants you're likely
to encounter during your travels north. Detailed line drawings
and brief plant profiles help you recognize what you're seeing,
while Sparky's fascinating tales draw you into a deeper
understanding of the plants' natural and cultural histories.




The New Boundary Waters and Quetico Fishing Guide

The New Boundary Waters and Quetico Fishing Guide

By Michael Furtman
Price: $14.95


Updated and revised, this is an indispensable part of any serious fishing trip to the Boundary Waters or Quetico. With more information, this latest version incorporates new fishing
techniques, new equipment and an updated index of nearly every lake in the BWCAW and Quetico. Even seasoned anglers will want this book!

Local Music from Ely, MN

For the drive up north

May the Forest be with You CD


May the Forest be With You CD

Boundary Water Boys
Price: $14.95


This long-playing CD reunites award-
winning singer/songwriter Pat Surface
with the Boundary Water Boys and
Fiddle Champion, Mary LaPlant. If you
pine for the forest, here are some
poignant tunes to ponder… fresh
recordings of favorites and eight new
songs about the environment and the
gift of being "rooted."


Cabin Fever CD


Cabin Fever CD

Spiritwood Music
Price: $14.95


In the spirit of the American Folk
tradition, this instrumental CD blends
acoustic instruments to capture the
sounds of our heritage - joining two
classically-trained Spiritwood fiddlers,
Mary LaPlant and Eli Bissonett, and
featuring other Spiritwood artists
performing impressions of the Great
North Woods.



Nordic Nights CD


Nordic Nights CD

Spiritwood Music
Price: $14.95


A long-playing and peaceful acoustic
instrumental album of beautiful Nordic
and Celtic melodies. Eli Bissonett
(violin), Mary LaPlant (violin & viola)
and Pat Surface (guitar).







Canoe Grass Revival CD


Canoe Grass Revival CD

Boundary Water Boys
Price: $14.95


From the land of sky blue water, in the
Great Northwoods, at the End Of The
Road...it's Canoe Grass... blending folk,
bluegrass, swing, celtic and more, the
signature unique sound of Pat Surface
and the Boundary Water Boys. This,
exciting new CD, their sixth release, is a
canoe trip down the river, revealing
something new, yet familiar around
every bend. Comes in a beautiful 100%
recycled and recyclable package.


Just Fiddlin' Around CD


Just Fiddlin' Around CD

Spiritwood Music - Mary LaPlant
Price: $14.95


World-class fiddle tunes, traditional and
bluegrass infused, this instrumental
album by Minnesota State Fiddle
Champion Mary LaPlant features hand-
built LaPlant instruments (mandolin &
guitar) accompanying Mary's award-
winning violin/fiddle.








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